Involving the Children

Involving children in meal routines, food choice and food preparation can be one way to help build their resilience.

Our recipe pages provide tips about how you can involve children in meal preparation at home.

If children are ‘resilient’ this means they will be more confident in making decisions, taking responsibility for their actions, building and trusting relationships and can deal safely with risky situations. This will make them  better placed to take on the challenges in life.

The acts of choosing, growing, preparing and/or eating food allow children to explore these skills and build confidence for a happy, healthy life.

Here are some ways you can involve your children in food routines and activities at home:

Children can help with:

Children can be included in preparing for meals by:

Talk to your child about:


You can help your child to become confident and happy by encouraging  them to choose foods that promote a healthy body and mind

Children can:


Let your child be creative. Self expression builds resilience – a child can tell us their feelings and thoughts through art, music, writing, craft or cooking

Children can:

(Even young children can join in if you choose tasks to suit their age)


 Allow children to be involved in ‘cooking for a cause’. Thinking about and caring for others is an important life value – especially in a family crisis

Children can :