Healthy meals for your day

Choosing foods from all the main food groups every day will help make sure your meals are good for your health and well being. At each of the main meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - try to include 3 key items: a meat or meat alternative or a dairy or dairy alternative food a bread, cereal (such as rice,pasta, breakfast cereals or couscous) or a starchy vegetable (such as sweet potato, potato, peas or corn) vegetables and/or fruit You can find out more about foods in the different food groups if you go to: About/Food groups/what is a serve



Breakfast helps “break your fast” after a long period of not eating.
A nutritious breakfast does not have to take a long time to prepare or eat. Any breakfast should include fruit or vegetables, a low fat dairy product and wholegrain bread or high fibre breakfast cereal.
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Lunch gives you energy for the afternoon. Healthy lunch choices can help everyone to think clearly, feel energetic, learn well at school or perform their best at work and in sports activities.
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The dinner meal can be the most enjoyable moment of the day, where good food and laughter is shared amongst family and friends or it is just a time to relax by yourself or with your partner. Planning ahead can help you find time to prepare your own meal and enjoy new healthy tastes.
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Enjoying a snack for morning or afternoon tea can be part of a healthy diet. To help keep up your energy levels and help control your appetite over the day, choose snack foods that are low in saturated fat, sugar and salt, and high in fibre. Fresh fruit is a great snack food from nature – and has no packaging!
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An extra side of vegetables either cooked or as salad can add variety to your meal, introduce your family to new tastes and helps make sure you have the vegetables you need for health and well being.
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