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Families lives are very busy and for parents, deciding on ‘what to cook’ for the next main meal can be a challenge. Balancing healthy eating and the family food budget takes planning.

Nutrition Australia provides families with some healthy menus for the week to try and make the task of planning healthy meals that bit easier.

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Couples + Singles

If you are a couple or a single person, deciding ‘what to cook’ for the next meal can be a challenge. Nutrition Australia realises recipes often provide 4 or more servings so  this menu planning tool has been designed to help couples and singles find healthy recipes that give just 1 or 2 serves and ideas for using leftovers from the family recipes that provide 4-6 serves.

We hope this makes the planning of healthy menus for couples and singles that bit easier – so you too can achieve a balance between healthy eating and your  food budget.
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