Planning a Menu

As part of trying to make your household budget dollars stretch, Nutrition Australia is providing you with some ideas to help you keep down the cost of food for your family.


Planning Your Meals for the Week

You can use one of the menu plans provided or adapt them to better suit the needs of you, your partner or your family by working through the steps below:

1.Decide on the main meal of the day (this might be lunch or dinner).  Choose from chicken, fish,  meat, legumes, nuts, eggs or tofu or other soy-based foods – use a variety of these foods over the week


2.Decide if you will have vegetables, salad or both with this meal.
Select starchy vegetables (e.g. potato, sweet potato, corn or peas), bread, rice, pasta, noodles or some other form of grain-based food to complete the meal


3.Plan the next main meal for the day. Remember to include plenty of vegetables (either raw or cooked)


4.Plan remaining meal and snacks.Remember to include foods from all the main food groups including dairy and fruit. For adults aim for 2-3 serves per day of dairy and 2 serves of fruit (include in meals and snacks)


You will need to think about: