What is swapping ingredients?

Swapping ingredients is designed to help you find easy ways to adapt recipes and menus to suit your taste, your time, your budget and protect the environment. Using foods in season and if possibly locally produced foods can help you have often fresher and cheaper ingredients. Eating more plant-based foods provides your body with the nutrients it needs for health and well being and to help protect you against chronic lifestyle diseases. If you or someone in your household has special dietary needs you may need to know how to change some ingredients in recipes to suit their special needs.

You Can Swap For...


Health/Nutrition 10  Top Tips to help you swap ingredients in recipes and your lifetstyle to achieve better health and nutrition for you and your family:   Swap to small serves instead of large serves   Swap to reduced fat dairy … Continue reading

Saving Money

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Saving the Environment

Saving the Environment Help the planet and your budget by wasting less food How often do we throw away uneaten leftovers, spoiled fruit and vegetables or food products past their ‘best before’ or use-by date? Australians throw out around 3 … Continue reading

Saving Time

Saving Time Being’ time-poor’ is reported to be a major barrier when it comes to deciding to cook meals at home instead of buying  ‘fast food’. Food bought at fast food outlets is usually high in fat, salt and sugar … Continue reading

Special Diets/Allergies

Special Diets/Allergies If someone you are preparing meals for has special dietary needs such as specific food allergies or intolerances or health condition which is managed by a special diet you may need to swap ingredients in some recipes to … Continue reading