Saving Money $

Food costs are increasing, especially for fresh produce. This makes it more difficult to provide healthy meal choices if you are on a tight budget. The Healthy Food Healthy Planet Menu Planner has been designed with the aim of keeping meals affordable, easy to prepare and good for your health.

We have used the symbol “$” on each recipe to indicate if  a recipe is:




Nutrition Australia’s 10 Top Tips to help you make your food dollar stretch so you can choose and enjoy more healthy food options:












Example: Curry and Rice – Butter Chicken

Bought Butter Chicken Average = $17.90 per person,
Average grams fat per serve 22g

Homemade Butter Chicken Average = $3.14 per serve,
Average grams fat per serve 12g

(This comparison was made using large grocery and restaurant chains)


For more information about how to eat healthy on a budget, see our fact sheets: