Saving the Environment

Help the planet and your budget by wasting less food

How often do we throw away uneaten leftovers, spoiled fruit and vegetables or food products past their ‘best before’ or use-by date? Australians throw out around 3 million tonnes or $5.2 billion worth of food each year – that’s $239 worth of food per person per year. This includes about $1.1 billion of fruit and vegetables – more than any other food type.

The CSIRO says that throwing out one kilogram of beef wastes the 50,000 litres of water it took to produce that meat. Throwing out one kilogram of white rice wastes 1,550 litres and discarding one kilogram of potatoes wastes 500 litres of water.
This waste means:


How to waste less food:

Plan your meals ahead and only buy the food you need:


Check your pantry and fridge regularly to make sure you use foods
before they need to be thrown out


Choose smaller serves when eating out (restaurant meals are often large):


If possible, grow some of your own fruits, vegetables and herbs or
buy organic:


Only cook what you need – if more is cooked, store it safely:


Store food correctly to help it stay safe and fresher for longer:


Recycle food scraps and unused food:


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